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Salvaging iSight camera from a damaged MacBook Pro screen PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 24 June 2009 10:20
I was given a mechanically damaged screen from MacBook Pro pre-unibody with built-in iSight camera fully operational. Removing the camera was a fairly easy task, just some screws unscrewing and tape removal. There are five cables coming out of the camera: two white, one yellow, two red. All cables are shielded, apart from the yellow all of them have a single wire, the yellow cable has two separate wires and as it turns out it is the twisted pair USB data (red is +, green is -). The shields are connected to the common ground. Reds are connected together and are +5V power supply, whites are ground.

After some lurking on the internet I could not find anyone who did the salvaging before, and various forums I tried could not bring any answers either. I checked the trusty wikipedia's page on the USB and with some basic reasoning come up with the above mapping for the cables, which worked straight away.